Compostable solutions from renewable & sustainable raw materials for single use products.


Nupik nature: A better future

Whenever practically possible, in Nupik Internacional SLU we strive for developing more sustainable solutions for our single use products. Sustainability is an integrated part of our functions.

In this context, Nupik Internacional is proud to present the Nupik Nature product range: compostable as well as biodegradable single use products fully certified according the EN13432 (EU) regulations. Let's build a better future for our next generations.

Compostable plates


Pulp Plates and Bowls range

Pulp products are mostly made from bagasse, a residual material that arise in large quantities from sugar extraction in the production of cane sugar, as well as wood cellulose, extracted from wood which is mostly gathered as part of forestry thinning work. The basic color of pulp products made from bagasse looks like antique, broken white. Its main features are:

  • · Easy to unstack
  • · Resistant to water and oil
  • · Can be heated in the microwaveable
  • · High rigidity

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Compostable cups


PLA Cups range

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable polymer of lactic acid, which is produced via fermentation processes of sugar or starch (e.g. corn).

After this the lactic acid is polymerised into an other polymer called Polyactic acid (PLA). The result is a plastic white, translucent or clear, made of 100% natural materials.

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