We are committed to sustainability.
We are committed to sustainable industrial development. It is our contribution to the preservation of the planet. That is why we created Nupik NaturGo, a range of ecological products once used is deposited in the recycling bin, thus facilitating industrial processing.

We have created and designed 
Nupik NaturGo a range respectful to the planet.

Nupik NaturGo is the result of the effort of our research team to
create ecological sustainable products that preserve the
environment. NaturGo production range is rigorously controlled
by the quality departments of each of our offices in Europe and
has the backing of the full power of development and innovation
of a consolidated group in the international market.

Compostable range, made from cellulose from sustainable farms and raw materials such as cassava or sugarcane.
Range of paper and wood, made of paper and wood pulp obtained in forests with sustainable and controlled exploitation.
Once used and deposited in the corresponding container, Nupik NaturGo products undergo industrial processes that make them recyclable and re-usable for our ecosystem.

Certified Warranty. To manufacture of Nupik Naturgo we use only raw materials of ecological origin, such as cellulose pulp from controlled forest farms or from the processing of sugar cane, potatoes, cassava and other agricultural products.

A hygienic
Thanks to its rigorous manufacturing and quality control process, the Nupik NaturGo range of dishes, glasses and accessories is 100% hygienic and offers the maximum guarantees for consumer health.

An Ecological
All Nupik NaturGo series products have been manufactured using only raw materials from natural products and do not contain solvents toxic to the environment.

A range of 
Nupik NaturGo products have been designed and manufactured today, to collaborate today in the search for a more sustainable future.

Click on a family to discover the range

Click on a family to discover the range

Click on a family to discover the range

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