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About Nupik


At Nupik International we are leaders in the manufacture of disposable catering products which are successful worldwide. Since 1966 we have based our activity on 5 basic principles:


At Nupik we have in-depth knowledge of consumer needs thanks to multiple market surveys. As a result we specialize in a wide range of products, paying special attention to quality, presentation at the point of sale and to getting a better return for you, our clients.


Our product design is at the same time powerful and attractive while being practical and functional.


We have improved the whole process of Total Quality, which is ISO 9001 certified. With this system we are able to guarantee maximum quality consistently in our products and a personalized service of the highest level.


Our great logistics capacity allows us to reach any client quickly and efficiently and therefore provide a fast and reliable service. Just in time.


We offer the most competitive prices for the products which make our customers the most profit.


At Nupik we have introduced a fully automatic comprehensive logistics system. In our more than 13,000 m2 of computerized storage we keep a complete, permanent stock of finished products, poised to respond immediately to our customers’ orders.

The storage of raw materials for the manufacture of various products as well as the quality control process are also completely automated through a sophisticated management software. With this comprehensive system Nupik has minimized any possible errors and at the same time improved the excellent quality of our service.

Nupik International headquarters occupies an area of over 21,000 m2 on a well-connected industrial estate on the outskirts of Barcelona. Of this area, 7,500 m2 are designated to production and 13,000 m2 correspond to the intelligent storage area equipped with its fully automated system. We maintain a large stock of finished products enabling us to respond quickly to customer orders.

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