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Biodegradable Products

What does the biodegradable Nupik Nature Product range stand for?

The Nupik Nature Product range stand for products made from renewable resources that degrade when they come into contact with heat, moisture and bacteria.

How long does it take to biodegrade a Nupik Nature Product?

As soon as the biodegradable product comes into contact with heat, moisture and bacteria the degradation process begins. Within a few months the structure of the product is broken down. Normal plastic products take several decades before they start to degrade.

Once used the product, how must I proceed?

Normally the products can be put together with garden waste in the brown wheeled bin. From there the collection service will bring it to a place where it is composted.

Can you handle and stock the Nupik Nature Products as all other disposables?

The shelf life of Nupik Nature biodegradable products is in excess of 12 months, the same as products produced from standard material, providing normal storage conditions are observed i.e. boxes are sealed and stored in a dry environment.